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Megan's Barney Page

My name is Megan.
I am 4 years old
and I love Barney
so my Grandpa and I
are making this page.

I live in Central NY with my family.
I have one 18 year old (well almost 18)
brother named Jeremy and a 15 year old
sister named Erica. We live just down
the street from Gandma & Grandpa
which is great cause I get to go
to their house any time I want.
I go to school in Pre-K
and I really like it, I made
lots of new friends there.

We are adding this part on
October 28th which is my birthday.
The neat part is that it's
Grandma's Birthday too (But she's older)
So we get to celebrate together

I want you to meet my friends from
The Barney Show

They are Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ.
Next I'll Talk Grandpa into
A Rug Rats Page!

Next I have
a picture of Barney.
and Baby Bop

Barney & Baby Bop

Next is Baby Bop.

Baby Bop

And of course BJ

My favorite Bear!

*Peanut-butter Bear!!!

(*Note from Grandpa) We all know it's a Panda
but to Megan it's always been a
Peanut-butter Bear

Click the Little Barney

To See the RugRats